Artificial Ageing – A Photoshop Effect

An experiment in artificial ageing.

This is another Fremantle photo with an additional twist. Rather than a simple shot of another building, which (let’s face it) there are hundreds of, and even I have a rather large collection of various buildings, I decided that I wanted to bring some of that vintage feel that permeates Fremantle. So the colouring and apparent texture of this photo is completely faked although I like to tell myself that I have captured that old-photo feel. You can tell me if you think otherwise but I doubt you’ll find it easy to convince me. 😉

Incidentally I also can take old photos, both in print and digitally, and attempt to restore then to some degree. I will probably blog about that at some point… in the future…


3 thoughts on “Artificial Ageing – A Photoshop Effect

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