Sinking City – Opportunity Photography

Drains overflow as they try to cope with a deluge of rain. Note the flooding reaching the steps of the building opposite.

Sometimes, photography is pure chance and opportunity. I was in Fremantle with the family making our way towards the harbour when the sky opened up and dumped what can only be described as a small ocean on to the city. We just happened to be near one of the worst flood areas and I was able to snap a few shots of with both my then Compact SLR and Mobile phone. Some of these were the later used in various news items including one snap becoming the back drop behind a newsreader that evening.

This was the very shot, as I recall, the got the most attention. Another well used image was one I took with my mobile and I think I since lost that one. At that time, just having that level of exposure was a bit of thrill and remuneration was not even a thought.

I just happened to be in the right place at the right time, and sometimes, that all it takes.


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