Floral – The Easy Target

I think every budding photographer, or almost every, takes a few pictures of flowers in their time, and I would be not exception. Of all the older pre-digital photos I have taken, I appear to have only a few of the many Floral photos that I am sure I have taken. Most of those left are rather faded due to improper storage, such as the recovered image below.

You can see from the insert image how a dramatic red shift, caused by different inks fading at different rates, and acid based photo albums. However, in this photo, there was enough information remaining to be able to perform a recovery of sorts, and this is taken from a high resolution scan of the printed photo.

For a few years there, I was not all that, shall we say, distracted by photography. Life seemed to be more about graduating and find a job. Eventually, photography rediscovered me and I began experimenting with compact Digital cameras and eventually DSLRs. Also, my technique refined itself more as I read more, and practiced more.


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