Floral Imagery.

Early Attempts

When I made the decision to seriously CONSIDER photography as a career option, it was when a very good friend of mine GAVE me a Compact SLR Fuji. That’s right, gave me. Apparently he had bought a few and the wife was giving him grief, but was not aware of this additional camera. He decided to pass it on and had heard that I enjoyed photography, so it fell in to my hands. I started experimenting with it immediately; on the way to work, when out with the family, during my lunch break in the city… anywhere I could.

This photo would have to be one of the first, if not the first, attempts at water droplets on a flower that I took with that camera (which I now use as a last choice backup). This was actually located in a garden not far from where I lived which I passed on my way to the train station every morning. The morning had been drenched with rain only hours before, and when I saw this, I just had to spend the time to take a snap. As it happened, I still managed to catch my train… just.


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