Accidental Photography

Breakfast in the Suburbs

Sometimes, an interesting photo is completely unexpected and not intentional. Having just parked the car at our local shopping complex, about to pop in for a coffee and roam through the malls with the wife, I spotted a flock of these colourful and loud Rosellas feasting on the nectar of several trees. I just happened to have my camera with me so quickly extracted from my back-pack, selected a lens to attach, and without checking the settings beyond that, took several shots before the birds moved on.

When we had a chance to catch our breath, I reviewed the images and was very disappointed when I realised that some of the settings I had left in the camera had over-exposed the shots. A little upset in the belief that I had gained nothing that morning, I put it aside in my mind until much later. I linked my card up to my iMac to take up some of the other photos I had taken both before and after, and simply included these in the process. Upon closer inspection, they were not as bad as they had seemed in the small LCD screen on my Digital. While still very over exposed, it had seemed to accentuate the colours which, to my eye, had a very pleasing quality.

I applied very minimal adjustments to them and chose this one in particular as my favourite. I like it, and I hope you do too.


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