Wet Brush

On a cold, damp morning…

In the days when all I had was my gifted compact Fuji, trying to refresh my skills, and maybe develop a few new ones, was my key focus. Many of my photos I look back on now and think that the framing was off. It is certainly one area that I find often difficult to get right, and in both pre and post editing, and that is composition. This photo of a bottle brush is a good example.

It does not follow some of the classic and accepted layout ‘rules’ that are considered good guides to great photography. In fact, it would pretty much fall into the category of ‘happy-snap’ which, admittedly, it was. Taken while I was on the way to catch a train, I snapped this quickly as the next service was pulling in to the station. It had been a rather cool morning leaving a lot of dew about, as you can no doubt see.

Still, all that said, I still quite like this photo for its colour and shallow depth of field. In fact, I am a particular fan of shallow depth of field, where you get a substantial amount of blur on the background. It adds a wonderful sense of presence to a photo drawing the attention to what is in focus. However, sometimes getting what you want in focus to actually be in focus can be tricky. Still, it is a preferred photographic option for me, especially when taking photos of people, which we will get to … at some point…


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