Spring Time Joy

Yellow Everlasting, Kings Park, Perth, Australia

So time moves along and hopefully technique and skill develop. It is spring time for Aussies (Sep 2012) and our city national park, King’s Park, comes alive with colour. For this photo blog, I decided I would show case a recent image which combines both photographic and digital editing.

As with the previous image, it doesn’t really adhere to any of the typical guides or rules of photography. There was a touch of sharpening using various digital filters, and the addition of a soft yellow vignette. All the same, I personally like it and believe that rules sometimes need to be broken. I could have re-cropped the image to make it more technically pleasing but I see that as a compromise on resolution, which is something I try to avoid. Ideally, a great photo, to my mind, starts with the click of the shutter. Get the composition right then and you have less work to do later.

An interesting point here is I do take a lot of photos of people doing things; theatrical rehearsals, social engagements, live performances, and casual activities. Getting composition right here is tricky as you cannot compose the shot. You are anticipating and moving constantly, taking not one but two or three shots in one take. I have therefore gotten into the habit of not consciously thinking too much about the composition much when taking the shot but simply look for something that pleases my eye. However, beauty is in the eye of the beholder so the final call is with you, the reader/viewer.


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