The Bells

Iconic foreshore structure, the Perth Bell Tower

The Perth Bell Tower was a development of a past, but not long past, State Government and many questioned it then, and still do. They house a collection of bells that were gifted/donated to the Western Australia in 1988, the only complete set to have left England apparently. It has been a key iconic structure along the city’s river foreshore but is about to be shadowed by a new construction project currently in the works.

It generated a fair amount of criticism as a wasteful expense and very odd design. I my opinion, it looks a little like a cockroach and a dragon-fly crossed together and stuck head-first in to the ground. Not a pretty picture. However, the building is very photogenic and there are some interesting shots one can take of it.

Another thing I want to touch on is lens flare. Generally considered a bad thing in photography, sometimes it actually takes a photo to new and exciting place. It is actually quite hard to create naturally and when you mean to. It is a bit like a contrary child always doing the exact opposite of what you want, so I have to advise you that the flare in this photo may not be completely natural.

Official Site for the Swan Bells


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