Three Generations

Three Generations of Towers, Perth Australia

Now this is not a particularly brilliant photo. It was more of an experiment on Perspective in Photoshop. Sadly, I was not really paying too much attention when I took the shot and I had left settings that seriously over-exposed the image. Using Photoshop, I was able to recover the buildings but the sky is basically a white-wash. There was also a small amount of perspective warp, something I touch on in another blog, to which I applied a little Photoshop skewing to straighten the buildings out a little.

Perth is not an old city when you compare it to others around the world, however we have a very diverse collection of old and new structures thorugh the city centre. In the foreground you can see the Perth Town Hall Clock Tower. Behind that is the Bank West Tower and then followed by the Central Park Tower. They are just three of a growing number of towers along the Perth skyline. A new addition to the group is the BHP Tower, built after this photo was taken, which now dominates the city.

Right is the pre-skewed photo for comparison. You should notice particularly with the Central Tower the apparent lean which I corrected in Photoshop.


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