Socialising in the City

New Cafe and Boutique strip

As an experiment, I took this shot from inside a new semi-indoor shopping strip. This was about a year ago now, shortly after the building was opened up. There were still a number of empty sections either awaiting a tenant or undergoing some refurbishment. I then adjusted the colours in Photoshop so that the was a general sepia look, yet keeping the green of the plants out side, and the hint of red in the patron at the cafe. I also exaggerated the contrast and shadows a little in order the highlight the reflection in the floor.

Perth is a city undergoing a massive change. In the past 5 years, there has been and is still massive construction works all across the CBD. This new complex sits on top of a new underground entrance to the new underground portion of our train system, which now connects the northern suburbs with the south. The train station itself is undergoing a massive change as they create new platforms and plan to sink a portion of the tracks underground, thus connecting two halves of a city currently divided.

There has been several new office towers, hotel complexes, while work continues on a new entertainment centre, redesigned main plaza, shopping complexes and foreshore feature. This is all off the back of a mining resource boom for our state which some say is starting to wind down and others vehemently deny that there is a slow down. Either way, I can’t help but wonder if the government hasn’t over committed itself. Wouldn’t be the first time.


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