Lunch Time Wander

For something a little different, a rendered view of city walkway.

For now, my full-time job keeps me fairly much restrained to the city centre for much of my day, so occasionally, when start getting cabin fever, I’ll grab the camera and take a slightly longer lunch break. With all the construction going on around the place, there is often something new to take in, such as this pedestrian walkway. I thought the scene was interesting but when I got home and started looking at it more closely, it just wasn’t doing anything for me.

Instead, I used the image to play with some of the many new and improved features of Photoshop CS5 (I need to upgrade soon I think). I think I went through about a dozen variations before settling on this which is mainly a Cut-out filter after a bit of exaggerated noise reduction, blurring and a sharpening overlay. In reality, these murals are three-dimensional metal grills depicting people in various physical activities.


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