Through the Glass

The Mining Boom has an impact on the Skyline.

This is the newest addition to our growing skyline. Once upon a time, there was a massive hole in the city of Perth and no-one knew what to do about it. So the trees and grasses did grow. The snakes and birds did play. The people did watch from above, from walkways and towers of glass, and they did wonder if and when it would change.

Then one day, demand for the raw minerals of the earth grew. The money began to flow in to the hands of mining magnates and the government. The dreams and ideas formulated years before slowly became possibilities. Plans were drawn. Discussion were had. Decisions were made. And so began the life of perhaps the biggest singular structure in Perth to date.

This is the BHP Tower and it is massive. If one were include the depth that the building sinks to, it would have to be the tallest building. However, going by the horizon, it just misses out. However, it is definitely the widest with a lot of floor space. It has also helped to finance the redevelopment of the grounds immediately around it and these have become extremely popular places to hang out. Night-clubs, a vast selection of restaurants, cafes, and even a decent sized food hall.

This shot is actually taken through a glass covered walkway that leads directly to the main entrance to the tower.


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