City Shapes

While not a stunning photo, I quite like the mixture of shapes and colours.

What is special about this photo? Well, not a lot actually. It is just a collection of interesting shapes and colours. This is a view that for a while is witnessed every day as I made way home from the city. It always attracted my attention, particularly when the yellow umbrellas were put out.

In the background you can see the State Library, a big, creamy block style building and the setting sun catching the side walls. In front of that is the older Hall which now houses a small theatre and many fringe group productions are put on there. To the left (off picture) is the new State Theatre. Where the umbrellas are is an open grassed area the leads to the Art Gallery (off picture right). All this sits atop a parking complex. I am standing on a bridge on the opposite side of the road.

There really isn’t much more to say about this really. It is a photo that you are either going to like or hate I think.

Addendum: I should probably point out that this photo has had a touch of HDR rendering applied…


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