Romeo and Juliet

Tibalt taunts Benvolio

I love Shakespeare. A lot. The language is magical. The characters are brilliant. The threaded story lines are enticing. Performing Shakespeare is a dream. I was so incredibly fortunate when I was given the honour to play Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet. What a guy… Mercutio that is.


However this blog is about photography… and the thing about this production of Shakespeare was that it was “In The Park.” We performed on the southern foreshore of the Swan River, directly opposite from Perth city itself. So here was a real challenge; night time photography of a live performance… well rehearsal in truth.

Juliet’s Nurse

With a very large cast, and only a few moments between my on-stage call for the first act, before I died… I took a stack of photos as I took advantage of a better camera with higher ISO capabilities. It was a fun experience and generated some fantastic images of which I have only included a few here.

There were fantastic sword fights using Spanish Sword and Dagger. I can tell you, those rapiers are really heavy when you hold them for so long. In fact, I think there is a Youtube video of yours-truly engaged in an all out fray with Tibalt seen above. So if you want to see proper sword fighting, go have a look. The quality may be low, but the general idea is there, and it doesn’t take an age to download for those of use still on slower internet connections.


Romeo and Juliet has lead to playing a Spanish Fop in Love’s Labour’s Lost and now I gear up to Direct (yes, direct) the Twelfth Night next year! Now there is a play which is a real challenge. Finding look alike male and female to play the twins, some of the most innuendo laden dialogue, and perhaps the most interpreted of Shakespeare’s plays. I don’t ever pick the easy stuff.

Getting back to the point however, I learnt a great deal on this show. Not only about playing Shakespeare and character development, but about taking photos in a very unique situation. As my skills slowly developed over the years, nothing helped me more in low-light photography than this show.


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