Love’s Labour’s Lost

It’s a real boys school

And now, for something completely different, another Shakespeare production. Alright, not that different but I did say I loved Shakespeare. This production is Love’s Labour’s Lost and played at the New Fortune Theatre at the University of Western Australia (UWA) in 2011. It is an outdoor theatre and made by the same design blue prints as the original Fortune Elizabethan Theatre of London in the 1600s.

My dear Princess

I played Don Adriano De Armado, the Spanish fop, with accent firmly in place. So I was again taking photos between scenes. This time, some of them were used to promote the show in various places including Facebook, in print and various web sites. So I was pretty pleased.

It is a wonderful theatre to perform on and photograph, and with so many colourful characters, scenarios and skit like moments, many photographic opportunities.

The basic story, the King of his loyal friends vow to some extreme promises; to forego women, fast, and take minimal sleep in the interests of study. The King however has neglected his Kingly duties including the impending meeting with a Princess and entourage from another land. In order to maintain their vow, they instruct the ladies, in the nicest possible way, to camp in the field in the ground outside the court. However, upon meeting the girls, the boys are immediately tempted and each endeavours to keep his feelings a secret, a plan that one by one backfires until they plan to band together to play a trick on the Princess and girls. The girls become forewarned however and again, the plan back fires.

The Fool Costard.

I will not say any more about the play itself. The photography was enjoyable now that I had a DSLR and a 50mm Prime lens that had a decent F-Stop setting for low light photography. While not having any ability to zoom in or out, a prime lens substitutes zoom features for letting in more light. There is a small trade off which is a very narrow depth of field, but I actually quite like the blurring effect that a shallow depth of field generates.

Example of Shallow Depth of Field blurring

In fact, and I think I may have mentioned this before, I love playing with the blurring and trying for different effects. This tends to mean that my cameras are more often than not set to a low Aperture (Av) or F-stop, which can be a little annoying as I often forget to reset it when I take landscapes.

All this low light photography has been a great experience and in a couple of days I get to seriously test my skills, but more on that later. There are still a couple of events and learning steps I want to cover before anything else, so tomorrow will look at my first profession Music Gig, and on Friday I will be writing a longer blog to account for the fact that I won’t be able to for Saturday…


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