Replyca – Musical Entertainment

A Portrait Session with Replyca

Replyca is a Singing Impersonator Duo who take on a variety of characters, two being Meatloaf and Cher. I had two sessions with them with the first being a Portrait Session in a themed backdrop. They dressed up in a couple of costumes and we tried a number of angles, poses and framings. It was good fun and generate some great material which they have gone on to use to help promote their shows.

The second was a live performance which took my low-light challenge to a new level. Even my previous theatrical work gave me more light than I was faced with in this shoot. So I brought in a flash-gun on a stick with a remote trigger to help improve the amount of light I was getting. Flash on a stick? Well I used an extendible light-stand arm that had a screw thread at one end, attached the trigger and flash, and ran around waving this thing in the air. I must have looked rather odd.

Gene Pitney crooning the crowd.




What makes this session even better is what I was able to do with these photos… make posters. Beyond the world of photography is a another really fun aspect, digital artwork, and I plan to do a week of that soon. For now, enjoy.

Replyca Montage

Going Solo


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