Candid Photography

Gift Giving

In ending off this week of low-light photography, and people in theatre, I want to cover possibly a less considered aspect yet no-less fun and important; the post-show celebrations. This is where everyone lets their hair down, maybe have a few too many, and pat each other on the back for a job well done. For me, this is the best type of photographic style. It is very much in the same district as Wedding Receptions and the like. There is something really special about people o-natural.

Play Back

But it is not just the post show party. There are those back stage moments when the cast and crew are relaxing between acts, finding their space before going on again. When recording a radio play, we took a little break to review what we had done. I took the chance to snap the photo above as my co-star listened to her play back. As a side story, in this radio play, I had to pretend to be electrocuted. After some discussion about what really happens when someone is electrocuted and what the director wanted to hear, I gritted my teeth, shock myself stupid, and scream like a little girl. After several takes, I was utterly exhausted but the director was pleased… so we moved on.

Fine Actress

One reason I love theatre is the friendships. Even though some of them can be transitory and only last the duration of the play, they are always a wonderful part of doing a show. Even working with those that prefer to work behind the scenes, I have always enjoyed the bonds that form in theatre.

Back Stage Crew

This ends my week of low light photography. Next week I have decided to cover Digital Art or Effects and to showcase some of the work I have done over the years. I shall not be blogging tomorrow as I will be working late photographing a wedding. So until Sunday (my time.)


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