Selective Colour

Selective Colour

This week, I am looking at photo-effects and some of those that I have played with, taught myself and experimented with from scratch. For me, a very simple technique is to selectively exclude a specific colour and it is something that I have progressively become better at. In the beginning, it tended to create various layers and layer masks in my chosen photo editing package and gradually pick out the areas and colours I wanted. Nowadays, I tend to use hue, saturation, and colour channels.

This image is one of my first attempts using a from-the-hip photo and combines a number of effects. The figure on the left side of the image was isolated with the use of a layer mask over which a green overlay was added, just to make him look a little off. The rest of the image had a graduated blur filter applied from the bottom up keeping the ground at the bottom sharp and fading the rest in to a virtual distance fuzz. I then de-saturated the colour and applied a sepia like effect. As such, I effectively removed any recognisable features from any one in-shot.

I then added the vignette or darkened edges effect. At first, when I had it centred, something was not quite right. After playing with the intensity of the effect, and at a random thought, I moved the centre point and suddenly it became clear. By moving the centre point from the middle of the image itself, it created the sense that it was what the coloured figure was actually seeing, as if he was searching.

The whole thing was an experiment that started with a random photo with no clear direction other than to learn some features of Photoshop.


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