Early Art – Posters

One of my first poster designs.

One of my earliest experiences with photo editing and Photoshop features was some basic poster designs for shows that I directed or were involved in. The image above was done for the second full length play I directed, The Admirable Crichton and used a number of elements including several free to use clip-art imagery, text layers and an graduated backdrop. It was later remodelled in a portrait layout for printing on programs and newsletters.

Collage for Romeo and Juliet – Gift Design

This poster for Romeo and Juliet was built from a collection of photos I had taken during a few dress rehearsals (except the one of me near the top right edge which was taken by someone else). They were all of different resolutions, sizes and quality so I applied a few painted effects, blurred it here and there, then re-sharpened the final for printing to an A3 mounted print. This was then given to our director as a gift from the cast. I even had an A4 copy made for me (without my knowledge) which was nice.

Finally for an extreme comparison, below is a poster that does not make use of any photos what-so-ever but it did require dozens of layers, clip-art, filters. In the end, it was actually four files merged together. One each for the three main images in the centre, and one to contain them all… I think I have heard that somewhere else.

Nothing but Clip-art

It is good to see these older works again. They were very experimental which is one thing that has not changed. Each time I am making something new, I am not retrying old techniques, I keep trying to find new ways. I don’t think that will ever change.


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