If only, I’d get more work done.

Have you ever though that it would be great if there were more of you?

This is a JUST FOR FUN thing and is surprisingly easier than one might think. It certainly turned out to be easier than I thought. Multiplicity is a technique that makes use of Photoshop’s (or similar) use of Layers and Masks. Place a stationary, locked off camera and taken a series of photos with your subject in various positions or poses. Also include a subject free reference shot.You then load the images into your preferred Layering package and hopefully they all align, and make sure your reference layer is at the bottom. Well they should if you properly locked off the camera. Then using Masks, you sequentially hide the subject, then reverse the mask to reveal them. This is easier as often your subject occupies less space than the rest of the image, and it is easier to mask out then reverse it.

You may then need to fine tune the masking if, like me, you have your subject overlapping other layers. Once you worked your way through each layer, you should then be able to save it as a JPG or image format of your choice.

Above is my first attempted at this and below is my second.

A little help from … myself?


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