Good intentions, not kept

I had intended to keep up with a post for everyday, but sadly I have yet again found that the best laid plans… With a recent wedding shoot and other events, time has gotten away from me and I missed two nights. Well, technically one now once I post this.

I am proud in one aspect however. I was never very good at keeping diaries in my life, and I have had several false starts in blogging. Here I have really made a break through and I put it down to having a plan, which was to focus on an aspect of my background in relation to my photography. Up until now, it has been about my journey up until this point, and while there are still things I could blog about, I am satisfied that I have introduced myself enough that I can now be a little more random and current.

So for those of you watching, and possibly enjoying, my posts, look forward to new stuff soon.

This brief message is brought to you by lack of sleep and bad proof reading.


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