Photo Frenzy Friday


20140314_0078 20140404_0398I am trying something a little different. Something that may challenge the way I see the world around me. I call it Photo Frenzy Friday.

I have tried many of these themed and structured photographic challenges, and have without fail lost momentum for one reason or another. Then I thought about the NaNoWriMo which is a November Challenge for writers to simply write at least 50 000 words. No proofing or editing. Not even a concern for structure or flow. Just simply letting the words and the ideas flow from the mind to the page.

I wanted to do something similar with photography, and thus Photo Frenzy Friday, where there is not theme, no quota, no particular objectives other than to take photos. This is challenging enough for me as I have a day job at an office, so my Fridays tend to be rather similar. It is therefore refreshing as I try to find things that I haven’t seen before. I start to take notice of the people around me. The weather. The routines of others, and so forth.

It also challenges my perception of what I would normally perceive to be photographic material. Everyday items that would otherwise be completely ignored, now become more interesting. These I will be posting on my Goggle+ and Facebook pages.


From the Hip


Tonight, I want to blog about an interesting photographic technique which truly is hit or miss. That is From the Hip Photography. That’s when you quite literally hold the camera at your hip, aim by feel alone and hope like heck that you get something you can use. Continue reading