Copyright Disclaimer

All images posted in this blog are copyright to Jeff Watkins Photography and cannot be republished without permission.

General permission to link to or re-post images in any blog or web site with the following conditions;

  • That appropriate credit and a reference to the source of the image be provided on the destination site, publication, document, electronic device. This includes an active link to the source page.
  • That you do not personally, or knowingly allow, referenced images to be used for profit without written permission from Jeff Watkins Photography.
  • Images that have a non-use disclaimer associated with them cannot be reproduced in any manner without the written permission of Jeff Watkins Photography.
  • That Jeff Watkins Photography can call for the removal of posted images, or references to said images, and that this request be adhered to by the owner or  author.
  • Jeff Watkins Photography cannot be held liable for any misuse, misrepresentation, or unforeseen legal implications that may result from the posting of images on this or other sites, publications, documents, or electronic equipment.

“Why is it important to respect intellectual property?

It is important to respect intellectual property for these three reasons:

  1. To promote creative communities and rich cultures. We must support creative work by paying writers, artists, musicians and designers for their work.
  2. To promote freedom of speech and expression. When individual creative people can make a living from sales of their work, they are free from the pressures of sponsorship by governments or large corporations.
  3. It is wrong to steal. It is immoral and illegal to steal other people’s property unless they give you permission to use it.”

Quoted from NSW Board of Studies.


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