Storm Coming


Storm Coming


The Silent City – Movie in the Making.

I have recently been involved in the making of a local film called Silent Night. While I am playing one of the characters in the show, I did get a few chances to take some behind the scene shots. Here they are.

Silent City Facebook Page

Making New look Old


Old look for a new photo

One thing I do quite a bit of is retouching old, often scanned in images to see if there is any more detail, or just to make them look sharper. I then got the idea of doing the opposite, making new look old. I wanted to do more than simply add a sepia tone or vintage colour overlay. I wanted to create scratch marks and ruined borders. Continue reading

Make Up


Getting in to character is a rather long process. – This photo can not be copied or reproduced without written permission.

One aspect about theatre that is always fun to take is the back-stage pre-show preparations, such as costume and make-up shots. The cast are filled with pre-nerves jitters, excitement and energy. Many will joke and muck about to help ease the tension, and when you are doing a piece of comedy, even more so. Everyone also has their own little warm up routines which include things like;

  • Lip Exercises, including Oooos, Aaaaaahs, Bbbbbbbbrs, and other weird noises.
  • Tongue Twisters and short, quickly spoken poems.
  • Breathing exercises.
  • Running Lines

For me, it was always about quiet reflection and achieving a focus. My vocals were always warmed up through singing in the car before I arrived, so I just needed to get “in-the-zone” so to speak. Continue reading

Still Life – Pulley


This is a special, a completely new photo that I decided to post here first. We went, as a family, to Fremantle (yes, there again) because I had a Free Meal Birthday offer at a harbour restaurant. So we took a walk after lunch and found an old style vessel docked for tourists to check out. There were some wonderful eccentric aspects about the boat which I snapped and will probably post on my Deviantart site later. This one seemed to stand-out however so I tweaked with the settings to get a contrasting black and white image. Hope you like it.